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Ecat-iD is a global provider of intelligently designed hatchery technology and equipment for new hatcheries and those undergoing refurbishment.


Ecat-iD was formed as a result of the 2016 merger of iD-Projects and ECAT. The formation of this new company was to produce one range of products and one vison of becoming the world-leading hatchery automation technology provider. Combining the industry expertise of some of the most experienced people in hatchery automation, Ecat-iD’s strengthened R&D resources are a unique factor in driving forward the development of innovative products. Ecat-iD also offers customers access to a wider range of products and services –– as well as an enhanced global quality installation and aftersales experience and an improved production capacity to meet rapidly expanding global demand. Based in France, and with field agents around the globe, Ecat-iD works closely with our customers at every stage of the project - from initial development to installations and post-installation.

By analysing your existing or future hatchery flows, processes and needs, we can design bespoke equipment and systems that streamline and enhance your business, giving you a clear competitive advantage.

With unparalleled technical expertise, our avian technology engineers are able to resolve even the most complex hatchery challenges.

To find out more about why Ecat-iD is the ideal hatchery partner for your business, please contact us.

Training and Support

Ecat-iD offers full training and ongoing service support following installation, allowing you to talk directly to the engineers involved in the development of your equipment throughout the project.

One-to-One Consultancy

Understanding a hatchery's operational needs and business drivers and translating them into practical solutions is at the heart of our offering. All Ecat-iD customers benefit from our one-to-one consultancy service.

We recognise that a ‘one size fits all’ approach simply doesn’t work. Our goal is to help you maximise throughput by putting in place the best processes for your site.


We review your hatchery’s current and future requirements

We develop a bespoke engineering solution to meet your needs

We construct and test the equipment at our manufacturing site

We guarantee that the engineers who built your technology will also install it