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Ecat-iD is a global provider of intelligently designed hatchery technology and equipment for new hatcheries and those undergoing refurbishment.


Our industry-leading engineers and unparalleled technical expertise enable us to resolve even the most complex hatchery challenges. Clients benefit from our commitment to excellent, personalised service. Installation, training and aftersales support are all undertaken by the same engineering team that built the technology.

You will be allocated a dedicated engineer for the duration of your project, helping to ensure a smooth process from initial development right through to aftersales support. Our management team brings together over 50 years’ experience in developing groundbreaking design and engineering, as well as world-class customer service.



Raphael Poulard

Engineering Director

“Our customers are demanding compact, easy to clean and high speed systems and our aim is to make the business of hatchery production easier, smoother, more efficient and hygienic. We pride ourselves on meeting the challenges of hatchability, quality and efficient operating costs. Our customer feedback shows that we achieve this time and time again, and will continue to do so."


Vincent Fevrier

Sales and Marketing Director

“The key factors in Ecat-iD ‘s position as the worldwide leader in hatchery automation surround our high quality equipment, reactivity and understanding of tomorrow’s challenges for hatcheries. Our partnerships and inclusion in the CEVA group strategy, combined with our flexible engineering, technical package and aftercare support are unique to the industry and are crucial to our success."


Franck Pélissou


"I am proud of Ecat-iD’s experienced and passionate team and their commitment to offering our customers the most advanced technologies. Our energy-efficient, tailor-made solutions improve our customers’ profitability while considering today’s hatchery challenges, such as bio security and animal welfare."


Gilles Bertel

Research and Development Director

"In general, hatchery operations have not seen big changes during the last 20 years in terms of equipment development. Our use of new technologies, combined with our CEVA group resources are bringing many opportunities for my team to drive the next generation of hatchery technologies."


Jean-Hubert Glemot

Customer Support Manager

“Customer satisfaction is our main priority and our recent merger has given us the opportunity to build a world-class support function with increased reactivity and the opportunity to build even closer relationships with our customers, both old and new.”


Pierre-Jean Beaudouin

Project Design Manager

“New hatchery design is very exciting because we can offer solutions that offer the potential to evolve over time. The biggest challenge we consistently overcome is to identify solutions which allow our existing customers to increase their available space."


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