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Ecat-iD is a global provider of intelligently designed hatchery technology and equipment for new hatcheries and those undergoing refurbishment.

New Archers hatchery in Ontario, Canada

New Archers hatchery in Ontario, Canada

Archers Poultry of Ontario, is celebrating its 70th anniversary by opening a new hatchery this year to produce top quality Lohman day old layer pullets for Ontario’s poultry farmers. Ecat-iD has supplied a full transfer room, including candling equipment, transfer lines and a hatcher basket stacker for the new hatchery, which was built in Trenton, Ontario.

The new, state-of-the-art hatchery is also equipped with fully automated chicks processing technology from Ecat-iD, including a chicks/shell separator and Chick Counter. Ecat-iD also installed washing lines for incubation trays, trolleys and hatcher baskets.