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Ecat-iD is a global provider of intelligently designed hatchery technology and equipment for new hatcheries and those undergoing refurbishment.


All Ecat-iD's solutions have been designed to take the best of existing hatchery design and combine it with ground-breaking new technology. By choosing Ecat-iD as your hatchery partner, you will benefit from:

Intelligently designed and engineered solutions to improve your hatchery performance
Efficient, reliable and hygienic systems
Automated solutions for each step of the hatchery process
Our capacity to work at any scale – from installing one machine to designing a new hatchery
Our highly skilled and flexible engineering team offer a one-to-one consultancy service
Spare Parts 365
Availability of critical spare parts 365 days a year - minimising any delays caused by technical issues
Professional support
Installation and aftersales support undertaken by the same engineering team who built the technology
Minimal downtime time
In-house testing resulting in rapid and reliable installation and minimum downtime
Commitment to hygiene
All our kit is designed to maximise water
run-off and aid the cleaning process