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Ecat-iD is a global provider of intelligently designed hatchery technology and equipment for new hatcheries and those undergoing refurbishment.


Ecat-iD not only offers state of the art equipment, but also provides comprehensive support for all of our customers. Upon delivery of any of our Ecat-iD products, detailed documentation packages are included, along with operator and maintenance manuals, technical drawings and electrical schematics.

Any purchase of Ecat-iD equipment includes in-depth training on the operation and basic servicing of our equipment, as well as a direct contact with Ecat-iD's dedicated support team, which works closely with our customers on any troubleshooting issues.

Ecat-iD also offers the sale of spare parts, software upgrades and technical visits for troubleshooting or evaluation of equipment. Our support team also has the ability to connect with customer equipment remotely to diagnoses and assist with troubleshooting issues. To ensure that any customer who is in need of technical support receives a fast and efficient resolution, we also maintain a stock of all key spare parts, ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.

Another integral part of the service offered by Ecat-iD is our ability to work on all makes and models of Breuil equipment, with several people on our technical support team who have expertise and experience of this range of equipment. We can also supply a full range of spare parts for Breuil equipment, as well as having the expertise to upgrade or modify customers’ existing software.

To allow our customers to maximise their cost savings, Ecat-iD also offers them the benefit of being able to utilise their existing equipment and integrate it seamlessly with our new Ecat-iD products.


We review your hatchery’s current and future requirements

We develop a bespoke engineering solution to meet your needs

We construct and test the equipment at our manufacturing site

We guarantee that the engineers who built your technology will also install it