Ideal In Ovo vaccination process 

Ceva’s in ovo solution is amongst the most advanced options available for in ovo vaccination. Its unique combination of cutting-edge hatchery technologies - LaserLife® candling, Egginject® in ovo and selective transfer, is the most comprehensive solution available in the market. 

LaserLife®: the solution for a clean hatch 

LaserLife® exceptional and high-speed candling system identifies and removes clear, late mortality and contaminated eggs. This ensures that only eggs containing a live embryo proceed to the selective injection feature of the new Egginject®. 
LaserLife® eliminates the risk that either eggs with a dead embryo or explosive eggs are touched during the vaccination process, drastically eliminating cross-contamination. 

Egginject®: the safest in-ovo vaccination

Egginject® has a patented dual-pressure injection system to ensure safe injection. It delivers the vaccine to the correct embryo compartment and, thanks to its ability to adapt injection depth, has negligible impact on hatchery performance. 
Initially, the eggshell is perforated using high pressure applied to a very small area. Then, when the needle is inside the egg, the pressure is adjusted automatically to ensure the right injection depth depending on the embryo position and size.

Selective transfer: handling only the good eggs

In the final stage of the Ideal In Ovo vaccination process, moving the eggs to the hatch basket, rotten and late mortality eggs are left untouched and only viable eggs containing live embryos are selected for transfer to the baskets.

A state-of-the-art vaccination process

Only Ceva’s Ideal In Ovo vaccination process can deliver such high speed and accuracy, reaching up to 90 000 eggs per hour in a standard set-up. 

Real-time monitoring of performance data for the transfer and in ovo vaccination process, and comparison with historical analyses, helps optimize hatchery performance.