Improves vaccination process efficacy thanks to an integrated vaccination process


What it is

  • For hatchery vaccination, Dovac HIGHSPEED LINE® improves vaccination process efficacy
  • Enhances operator speed/comfort
  • Allows respectful bird handling

How it works



Equipment features

  • Integrated vaccination process
  • Automated crate handling
  • Better operator comfort
  • No chick counter required
  • Friendly animal handling

Why it is so important ?

The “table-vaccination” system is not efficient in different ways:

  • Speed of vaccination and process is slow
  • DOCs are very stressed as they are manipulated several times in the process (animal welfare)
  • Operators are moving crates all day long (operator welfare), which impacts negatively on operator comfort


Therefore, this system represent 3 major risks:

  • Risk of animals missing the vaccination (human error)
  • Risk of low vaccination efficacy due to operator tiredness
  • Risk of high animal stress

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