15 years' experience


2006 - BREUIL SA, a company specialized in hatchery automation, transforms into ECAT (Egg Chick Automated Technologies). Based in Landivisiau, France, ECAT was specialized in the automation of hatcheries, egg handling equipment and chicks, different candling technologies and vaccination equipment.

2009 - ECAT company signs a Joint Venture (association of companies whose purpose is to achieve a joint project) with Ceva group, enabling Ceva to incorporate automation solutions into their hatchery technology offer.

2015 - Ceva becomes majority shareholder and ECAT becomes a subsidiary of the group.

2016 - Ceva buys the company iD-Projects (Plouédern, France) also specialized in hatchery equipment. iD-Projects and ECAT were merged becoming the new Ecat-iD Campus. With this new acquisition and merger, Ceva strengthens the automation R&D department to continue manufacturing and offering more efficient and innovative products, and increased the production capability to better meet customer needs.

2018 - The company Ecat-iD changes its name to Ceva Ecat-iD Campus