Designed to be safe


What it is

For modern hatcheries, the Egginject® full line allows safe In-Ovo Vaccination thanks to its Dual Pressure Injection System.

How it works

Only live embryos are transferred to hatch baskets, dead and rotten eggs remain untouched in the tray


1st Step:

High pressure is used to perforate the eggshell. As the pressure is applied only on a very small area of contact.

2nd Step:

Once the needle is inside the egg, the system changes to low pressure. Each needle automatically adapts the injection depth according to the size and position of the embryo.

Adaptable depth versus fix depth

Equipment features


  • Speed up to 60,000 eggs/hour
  • Adaptable to all types of incubation trays
  • Easy to use: simple and operator friendly
  • Stand alone or fully integrated in the hatchery automation line
  • No vaccine waste while priming
  • Negligible egg breakage
  • Minimized hatchability impact

Why it is so important?

In-ovo vaccination represents major benefits for day-old chick production:

  • Safe, constant and accurate method of vaccine application
  • Significant labour cost reduction vs sub-cutaneous or field vaccination
  • No post-vaccination reaction
  • Early access to food and water. Day-old-chicks are not stressed after hatch
  • Better development of the immune system at hatch.
  • Improvement of the chick quality of your flocks


Learn more about in-ovo vaccination here.

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