Egg Processing RoomOvosense® helps improving hatchability by identifying upside-down eggs and giving a chance to hatch a good quality chick

The egg processing room is the first area in the hatchery where eggs need to be processed, graded, classified and stored before they go to the incubation room.
Ecat-iD technologies in the egg processing room are designed to minimize the impact of human error during this process and to maximize the processing speed.
To illustrate this objective, Ovosense® is a unique innovation technology designed to identify the 3-8% of eggs that have been positioned upside-down by the farm operators. This way, Ovosense® enables these eggs to hatch properly.
The Ecat-iD range of equipment for the egg processing room, include stackers, destackers, transfer machines, egg grading and all the different elements needed to achieve maximum egg processing speed.


Currently, around 3 to 8 per cent of eggs received by hatcheries from farms are upside-down. A modern hatchery processing over 300,000 eggs and chicks per day, could have up to 24,000 upside down eggs each day. This is mainly due to human error, loading the setter trays incorrectly.

Ceva Ecat-iD has developed a solution to save these misplaced eggs currently being processed each day...

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Egg Transfer

With the high volume of eggs that need to be transferred in a modern hatchery, it is essential that this action is done with the utmost care, to ensure both a quick and gentle transition from setter tray to hatcher basket. 

At Ecat-iD we have developed our suction cup transfer unit capable of handling 90,000 eggs per hour.

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