Full Hatchery

Ceva Ecat-iD Campus offers a range of equipment suitable for avian hatcheries including those processing ducks, hens, pheasants and turkeys. Our smart engineered solutions are suited to small, medium and large-scale hatcheries, which can be designed to fit within new or existing buildings.

With unparalleled technical expertise, our avian technology engineers are able to resolve even the most complex hatchery challenges. Our global network of field agents is able to work closely with customers at every stage of the project - from initial development through to aftersales support. Our goal is to help our customers to maximize throughput by designing a hatchery which works for them.

Through careful analysis of existing or future hatchery flows, processes and needs, our engineers design a system that streamlines and enhances the hatchery business, offering a clear, competitive advantage.

Egg Processing Room

The egg processing room is the first area in the hatchery where eggs need to be processed, graded, classified and stored before they go to the incubation room.
Ecat-iD technologies in the egg processing room are designed to minimize the impact of human error during this process and to maximize the processing speed.

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Transfer Room

After 18 days of incubation, eggs are transferred from the incubators to the hatchers. This process is a critical step, and it happens at the transfer room.
Ceva Ecat-iD has designed innovative and unique equipment to operate in the transfer room such as the Egginject® In Ovo vaccination, Laser Life® candling system and additional automation.

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Chick Processing Room

From the time chicks leave their incubators to being transported away from the hatchery, they need to be cleanly separated from their shells, accurately counted, sexed and carefully placed in their stacker trays in a fast, stress-free process. Ceva works tirelessly to ensure that all its equipment works together efficiently and effectively, reducing the amount of manual handling that can cause injury.

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Washing And Waste Management

Our reliable hygiene and washing equipment for trays and boxes provides peace of mind time after time.

Our commitment to hygiene is evident in every piece of technology we produce, with all parts designed to maximise water run-off and aid the cleaning process.

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