In Ovo Vaccination, our speciality

Helps on field infection prevention by means of superior in ovo vaccination

In Ovo Vaccination is a safe, reliable and precise way to administer vaccines.
It provides adequate protection for day-old chicks. On top of this, in ovo vaccination immune response starts three days earlier than sub-cutaneous vaccination, providing an important benefit to the birds protection.

The integration of engineering and biological sciences makes in ovo vaccination a process to be carefully monitored. There are critical aspects to consider and manage to assure success.

What is in ovo Selective Injection?

Egginject® selective injection is an innovative technique that allows clear eggs, dead embryos and infected eggs to be detected before proceeding to in ovo injection.

Only viable embryos will be vaccinated selectively and transported to the hatchers afterwards.

Egginject® selective injection works with the patented Dual Pressure injection system, which enables automatic and individual adaptation of the injection depth to each specific embryo, regardless of egg size or incubation age.


Numerous advantages

  • High speed process (up to 100,000 eggs per hour)
  • DOC stress at hatch is reduced
  • DOC can be dispatched fast after hatching
  • Quicker access to the feed and water
  • Significant labor cost savings as compared to subcutaneous or field vaccination
  • Early immune response development
  • Improved organization and logistics
  • Vaccination speed, monitoring and quality control


Important points to consider before implementing in ovo

Not all the hatcheries are ready to welcome in ovo vaccination. The following elements need to be considered before moving to in ovo vaccination.

  • The transfer room needs to be large enough
  • Air ventilation quality: free of Aspergillus sp.
  • Good egg shell quality
  • Preferable, only one model of incubation tray
  • Egg transfer not earlier than 17.5 days of embryo development, nor later than 19.2 days


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