Customer Passion



3 different teams at your disposal 

Customer Service is made up of 3 separate teams with daily interactions.

Back-office technicians respond to troubleshooting requests and provide advice. They can, depending on the equipment, be connected remotely to monitor its status, establish a diagnosis and troubleshoot or, depending  on the situation, guide your local maintenance technicians to make it happen. They also perform spare parts searches.

A "spare parts" team is dedicated to developing quotes and monitoring shipments. This team is in charge of the service's dedicated mailbox and ensures communication with your clients.

You can contact Customer Service at this address:

Ecat-iD team will acknowledge receipt of messages within a maximum of 48 hours. Evening or weekend interventions are possible to accommodate local production times and allow for any time differences.

The third team manages installation and maintenance. These technicians move from site to site to install our equipment and perform preventive maintenance on the machines.

All service members speak French and English.