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We are based in France, but with field agents around the globe, we work closely with our customers at every stage of their project - from initial development to installation and operation.

Ceva Ecat-iD Campus, was created from the 2016 merger of iD-Projects and ECAT, which brought together a team of the most experienced people with the finest knowledge in hatchery automation. Based in France with field agents around the globe, Ceva works closely with customers at every stage of their project - from initial development to installation and operation.


With industry-leading engineers and unparalleled technical expertise, our customers benefit from our commitment to excellent, personalised service. Installation, training and aftersales support are all undertaken by the same engineering team that built the technology.


Our management team brings together over 50 years’ experience in ground-breaking design and engineering, as well as world-class customer service.


Each customer is allocated a dedicated engineer for the duration of the project, helping to ensure a smooth process from initial development right through to aftersales support. By working directly with the engineer who design the hatchery, customers have an input into the specification, ensuring that the result is exactly tailored to their requirements.


Ceva’s research and development resources are dedicated to the development of new and advanced automation systems for our customers. We offer them access to a wider range of products and services – as well as an enhanced global quality installation and aftersales experience and an improved production capacity to meet rapidly expanding global demands.


A core principle of Ceva is to work directly with customers to analyse existing or future hatchery needs. From this analysis, we design tailored equipment and systems that streamline and enhance our customer’s business, giving them a clear competitive advantage.


Understanding a hatchery's operational needs and business drivers and translating them into practical solutions is at the heart of our offering. All Ceva customers benefit from our one-to-one consultancy service.

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