New candling and analysing technology to improve hatchery perfomance

Increase the performance of your hatchery with the new candling and analysing technology

Ceva Ecat-iD campus is proud to offer to the industry high technology solutions designed to improve the hatchery performances. Those technologies include innovations in terms of electronics and optical science applied to the candling and transfer processes.

A new generation of egg setting analyser

Ovosense® is a unique tool that identifies upside-down eggs at setting, allowing broiler and layer producers to hatch 100% of eggs into quality day-old chicks.

Upside-down eggs are difficult for operators to detect and represent a direct loss on hatchability and chick output. Embryos from upside-down eggs will not hatch regularly. If they do, they are normally discarded as cull chicks.

The innovative Ovosense® identifies and marks upside-down eggs. Ovosense® improves the hatchery output by offering fast, simple and effective egg setting analysis, with a very fast return on investment.

A new generation of candling technology

Laser Life® is a new candling technology that differentiate live embryos from dead embryos and rotten eggs.

Compared to traditional candling devices that only identify infertile eggs and very early mortality, Laser Life® is designed to identify and remove additional dead embryos (late mortality) and contaminated eggs.

Laser Life® also leads to less contamination during in ovo vaccination and reduces microbiological challenge at hatchers. As a consequence, Laser Life® can improve hatchability and chick quality levels.

Laser Life® uses thermal imaging technology that allows differentiation of live embryos from dead and contaminated eggs without touching them. Banger or exploder eggs, are full of gas-producing bacteria, often Pseudomonas. Due to the pressure inside, any contact on the surface can trigger the explosion leading to the spreading of heavy contamination and putting the hatchery hygiene status at risk.