High Speed Solutions to maximize production

Reach up to 100,000 eggs per hour at the transfer room with Ceva Ecat-iD high-speed solutions

New challenges facing poultry production require high-speed solutions for hatcheries.

These hatcheries require automation systems able to cope with running speed up to 100,000 eggs per hour, in a single line, while achieving high-quality performance standards.

Ceva Ecat-iD campus is specialized in creating high-speed fully automated lines. Starting from the Egg Reception Room, with the High Speed Ovosense®, to the Chick Processing Room. It includes LaserLife® and Egginject® high speed versions, finishing with completely automated chick take-off and washing solutions.

By using our high-speed range, modern hatcheries maximize their production output and make a faster return on investment. Animal welfare, operator comfort and quality standards are our main pillars of development for those high-speed solutions.

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