High Speed Solutions to maximize production

Reach up to 100,000 eggs per hour at the transfer room with Ceva Ecat-iD high-speed solutions

New challenges facing poultry production require high-speed solutions for hatcheries.

These hatcheries require automation systems able to cope with running speed up to 100,000 eggs per hour, in a single line, while achieving high-quality performance standards.

Ceva Ecat-iD campus is specialized in creating high-speed fully automated lines. Starting from the Egg Reception Room, with the High Speed Ovosense®, to the Chick Processing Room. It includes LaserLife® and Egginject® high speed versions, finishing with completely automated chick take-off and washing solutions.

By using our high-speed range, modern hatcheries maximize their production output and make a faster return on investment. Animal welfare, operator comfort and quality standards are our main pillars of development for those high-speed solutions.

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In the dynamic landscape of poultry production, where efficiency is paramount, Ceva Ecat-iD is offering high-speed solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern hatcheries.

With the capacity to reach an impressive 100,000 eggs per hour at the transfer room, our cutting-edge technology redefines the possibilities within the poultry industry. In response to the escalating demands for accelerated production, our automation systems are meticulously engineered to reach high performance standards while navigating high-speed operations.

At the heart of our solution lies the Ceva Ecat-iD campus, a hub of ingenuity dedicated to pioneering advancements in hatchery automation. From the Egg Reception Room, where High-Speed Ovosense® sets the stage for efficiency, to the meticulous processes of the Chick Processing Room, our fully automated lines revolutionize every step of the production journey.

Our arsenal of high-speed solutions includes LaserLife® and Egginject®, which elevate precision and efficacy to great levels. 

However, our commitment extends beyond mere efficiency metrics. At Ceva Ecat-iD, we prioritize animal welfare, operator comfort, and stringent quality standards. Through continuous innovation we endeavor to exceed the expectations of the poultry industry.

Join us in embracing the future of poultry production with Ceva Ecat-iD high-speed solutions.