Tray Washer


What it is

  • Ceva has developed a range of washers which feature specific settings to handle the whole range of boxes used within hatcheries - including hatcher baskets, setter trays, chick boxes and trolleys.
  • Our range of technologically-advanced washers offers a unique solution by allowing the tailoring of a washing program to the specific box type being cleaned.
  • The main feature is the ability to vary the speed of the wash, crucial for effective cleaning, as a slower transit through the washing process gives better results for dirtier boxes.
  • Other features, such as adjustable water pressure, ensure the best results on even the most soiled of hatcher baskets.​​​​​​

Other products from the range

Comprehensive hatchery solution

Ceva has developed a versatile range of washers specifically tailored to handle the diverse assortment of boxes utilized within hatcheries. From hatcher baskets to setter trays, chick boxes, and trolleys, our washers have been meticulously designed to cater to the unique cleaning requirements of each box type.

Tailored cleaning precision for hatcheries

What sets our technologically-advanced washers apart is their adaptability, offering tailored settings to match the specific needs of each box being cleaned. This customizable approach ensures a precise and optimized washing program, enhancing the cleaning process's effectiveness while preserving the materials' integrity.

Variable wash speeds for enhanced cleaning

The standout feature of our washers lies in their ability to adjust wash speeds, a crucial factor for achieving thorough and effective cleaning. The flexibility to vary the washing speed is particularly impactful when dealing with heavily soiled boxes. Slower washing speeds facilitate a more comprehensive cleansing process, effectively removing stubborn dirt and grime, resulting in impeccable cleaning outcomes.

Enhanced features for impeccable hygiene standards in hatcheries

In addition to variable wash speeds, our washers boast other significant features, such as adjustable water pressure. Specifically designed to ensure optimal cleaning performance, even for heavily soiled hatcher baskets, the ability to regulate water pressure contributes significantly to the washers' efficacy. This meticulous control guarantees a thorough cleaning process, upholding impeccable hygiene standards across various box types within hatcheries.